Samai  Lodge Ocean & Forest Holistic Living offers a new concept of healthy traveling services where you can experience an open environment with 100% clean air, eco-tourism activities, cultural exchange, healthy food in first-class natural settings.​

Ocean and mountain outstanding views, clean air, 10 hectares of forest, natural gardens, colorful sunsets all in a  relaxing environment with cabins and Feng shued rooms, where we’ll  host just 10 guests at a time.



Samai Ocean Lodge Spa invites you to savor a spectacular meal with typical touches, light but gourmet, that never fails to thrill your palate; Feed your body and soul with a view of the sea. The ayahuasca retreat focuses on the healing of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It provides you with a deeper understanding of yourself and the spiritual nature of the world around us.


Along with sunbathing on the Olon beach and splashing in the surf of Montanita waves, Samai Lodge guests have the option of partaking in a yoga class, working out at the SPA center or hacking in the Cordillera paths. All of our guests have access to our luxury wellness centre. Here you can have a relaxing swim or sauna after an intense workout

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The Samai  Lodge Ocean & Forest Holistic Living offers guests and visitors a top services installations
a lobby with spectacular views, a spa where you can relax and enjoy professional healing
services, with yoga classes and retreats, workshops and mediation facilities.

As well an art and craft Gift Shop, with hand made souvenirs
by local artists that will guaranty a fun unique shopping experience.

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